Pozwólcie Państwo wielkiej liczbie klientów poznać Was szybciej, łatwiej i lepiej.


Milestone on the road to success

Do you want to be effective and encourage your clients to take advantage of your offer?
Latest vehicles of Internet marketing are the solution for trustfulness of clients and your anonymity.
Virtual tours, 360 degree panoramas, photo-visualizations 3D of trade products are the drive of modern trading by the Internet. This tool lets presentation of your offer and your company to be more interesting, innovative and entire.


Virtual tours:

This offer is addressed especially to the companies and institutions which are interested in professional advertising on the Internet, because virtual tours are recently the most marketable way of advertising on the web. What is more, it is becoming necessity for those, who are leading objects of a higher standard, which includes hotels, palaces, residences, holiday centers. Thanks to that technique those objects are getting more visual qualities and attractiveness which directly drive to getting new range of pleased clients. Virtual tour is composed of many spherical panoramas. While designing virtual tours we are using our vide range of possibilities of creating functions and adding elements which are constructing more attractive tour and meanwhile make virtual tour practical learning tool.


It is inter alia:

  • Individual graphical interface projected directly for your offer
  • Company logo
  • Soundtrack for virtual tour
  • Slideshow, movies
  • Google map with localization of the object
  • Information in any place of the project
  • Redirection to any page from virtual tour
  • Addition situational map of object and plans of rooms with hot-spots for fast navigation
  • Preview in form of rapid panoramas
  • Description of the company, its history and type of activity
  • Presentations made in flash technology

It is possible to make actualizations of project at the any time.


3D product photography:

Presently, 3D product photography is becoming a standard for modern website. Our offer is addressed to you in special way – nice- looking presentation of your products will interested a greater number of customers what will cause more sales.

3D presentation is the maximum realistic way for illustration of the product. Using navigation panel lets interactively rotate the product to any angle in the horizontal and vertical axes. It also is possible to zoom product for example for peering the facture of the material.

We are expanding our offer on animation of the product in 3D presentation. It lets showing functionality and practical abilities of the product. This animation is used when product has moving parts.

Soundtrack and opening hot- spots are the quintessence of our projects. We are using the modern studio equipment which is not limiting us in meeting your wishes and requirements of 3D services. We realize projects irrespective of the dimensions of the product- starting from proverbial match through the wedding dresses ending on cars or even planes. Finished project is your property and is designed for marketing like presentations, shows and so on. You can dispose it in any way also by transferring it to your marketing partners.  


Gig panoramas:

It is an offer addressed to offices of the city, unites of the local government and so on.
Gig panorama is a spherical panorama created form hundreds of isolated shots which after the professional treatment have high resolution exceeding 1 megapixel. That kind of resolution makes possible to watch in large zoom objects distant even hundred meters without compromising on quality.

This technique requires professional photographic equipment and units of high-performance computing. Such projects are directed to clients who are promoting on their websites objects like cities, communities, districts, sports facilities and so on.

Entrepreneurs who want to show their successes are also very welcome. 


Spherical panorama:

This offer is aimed to those who own hotels, guesthouses and holiday centers. Spherical panorama is created for viewing surroundings in any direction and for each axis. We are making several dozen of photos of one place to be more accurate. 

After that, photos are combining by specialist tools to form image of the full interior of a sphere. All photos are made in HDR technique which allows creating presentation similar to reaction of human eye on light- adaptation of the eye to the seen view depending on its elucidating. 

Professional computer processing of the resulting images lets to create the feeling of being at the presenting place. It is also possible to look around in the 360 degree sphere. 

Interface is projected individually adapted for your needs – you can move in any direction and what is more, you can zoom the details. It is also possible to add to your project photos of the chosen details, soundtrack and embed logo.
Our offer is very popular among the territorial authorities, variety of institutions and firms. We are illustrating many different places, objects and products like:


  • Business and industrial centers
  • Conferential rooms and centers
  • Halls and exhibition centers
  • Airports, train stations
  • Internet shops and wholesale
  • Shopping malls
  • Showrooms
  • Variety of tourist attractions
  • Historical places
  • Castles
  • Hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, pubs, cafes
  • Churches, museums, theaters
  • Operas, cinemas
  • Properties for sale
  • Schools, universities, kindergartens
  • Clinics, hospitals
  • Recreation and rehabilitation centers
  • Sports facilities, golf courses
  • Aqua parks, play grounds
  • Fitness centers
  • Health and wellness centers
  • Wedding rooms
… And much more beautiful objects


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PC-EXPERT was established by Zenony Górny in 1996. At that time ITC was swiftly developing area of the economy and the owner used it for creating solid and strong firm.


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